Next MORE Training Workshop:

July 28-29, 2018 – Salt Lake City

eric supervising meditation training in clinic roomA 2-day training workshop in Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement will be held July 28-29, 2018 in Salt Lake City, UT by Dr. Eric Garland, PhD, LCSW.

In this training workshop, participants will receive intensive didactic and experiential instruction in implementing specialized mindfulness techniques and other clinical skills integral to Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE). Research evidence on the MORE model will be presented, along with a review of the latest discoveries in neuroscience and basic biobehavioral science about mindfulness, addiction, and chronic pain.

Participants will practice the therapeutic techniques outlined in the MORE treatment manual (Garland, 2013) via clinical role plays. Participants will receive live supervision in delivery of therapeutic techniques by Dr. Garland, the developer of MORE, who will observe participants and provide continual, real-time feedback to optimize the delivery of therapeutic interventions.

Unique mind-body therapy techniques, advanced cognitive-behavioral skills, and strategies from positive psychology will be presented to address common clinical problems including:

  • Craving and unhealthy habit behaviors
  • Physical and emotional pain
  • Catastrophizing and rumination
  • Stress reactivity and anhedonia

At the completion of this 2-day workshop, participants will have a basic level of competency to use the MORE treatment manual to implement MORE for persons suffering from addictive behaviors and chronic pain conditions.

The cost of this training is $500 (with a 20% discount for graduate students). The training is approved for 13 CEUs from the Utah National Association of Social Workers.

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       “When I began Mindfulness mediation in 2002, I had no roadmap, no teacher or guide.  I had to figure out what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and who to include and NOT include in my attempted meditation experience.  I was completely self-schooled and reaching for a way to focus and center myself.  I felt as though pieces were trying to fly off of me, and at the end of the day I needed to juggle the pieces and try not to lose any (as if, right?).  I needed a way to notice those feelings and to reassure myself that I am whole and the pieces I give and the pieces I shed are really still there and still part of the whole–that the whole is bigger and bigger because I was adding much.  I had experienced a series of losses and a series of radical changes.  Who was I with relationships, work, family, professional changes, and status in programs and organizations all changing at once?  How did I want to proceed with so many changes and seemingly so many challenges competing for my attention?  I still wanted to be a great mom, a wonderful grandma, a loving partner, a nurturing friend, an attentive and effective professional and a creative individual with a limitless horizon.   You know–the same girl my dog believes in. I plunged into Mindfulness as a practice where I could just reflect…   I developed without instruction.
       Imagine how validating it was for me to sit with a group of colleagues and discuss Mindfulness.  Imagine how nurturing it was to have a mentor.  Imagine how incredible it was to participate with feedback and discuss the dynamics of  what I PERSONALLY experience and not have someone try to adjust my perception.
       You were a wonderful teacher.  I also love the data.  I know this discipline works because I have effectively used it to my advantage so many times…including relinquishing the stranglehold pain can have and loss can have, and welcoming the opportunity for reinvention and reframe.  Thank you so much, Eric, for sharing.  I hope to work with you again.”
“I really enjoyed the training and putting it into practice has been beyond awesome! I shared the first meditation with 8 clients so far this week and EVERYONE of them during the debriefing raved, yes, raved, about their experience and identified how they would implement it in their everyday life.  They are excited about it.  I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT!  I’ve done stress management, visual imagery and progressive relaxation with clients before, but never have had this kind of response across the board… Again, thanks for sharing your expertise and experience.  It was (and continues to be) great!”


“I want to thank you for the wonderful training. It has impacted my life and my clients lives in many ways. I have been using basic mindfulness practice with certain clients and they love it.”


“There are no words to express my appreciation of the recent 2-day class on the MORE program.  The group attending this training was diverse in both professions and experience level directly resulting in stimulating discussions.  The collective experience of this joining of excited and like-minded individuals left me inspired.  I came to the class with the desire to increase my understanding of incorporating mindfulness practice into my work with chronic pain and opioid misuse individuals.  Not only were my learning goals met this training left me feeling confident and empowered in implementing MORE.  The classroom environment created by Dr. Garland allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and practice the exercises presented without anxiety.  I was nervous to practice the group work behind the one-way mirror with the “bug” in my ear, but I quickly forgot all of this and enjoyed the exercise.  Dr. Garland’s feedback and support reframed my thought of “I don’t think I can do this style of group work,” to “I am the right person to do this style of group work.”

The unexpected byproduct of this mindfulness training was my own personal growth and the development; I gained a deeper insight into my automatic thought process.  This training was life changing, experiencing the positive effects gained by practicing this method not only helped me but also my patients; a definite ‘win-win!’  The meditation work practiced throughout the weekend taught me self-care skills to lessen potential for burnout from my work in palliative care/end-of-life field.

When the class concluded I walked out to the parking lot to my awaiting husband.  When we embraced I felt a clarity and pureness in our connection; I wept from the beauty of the moment.  We remained embraced savoring the divine exchange of energy.  The world now looked more vibrant, the birds sang songs once unheard, the mountains glowed with reflections of the sun’s vitality, and the air entered my body with reviving crispness: I felt reborn.  I will forever be grateful for this experience and hope to attend further training with Dr. Garland.”

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Eric L. Garland, Ph.D., LCSW offers training workshops on the conduct of MORE for the treatment of substance use disorders and chronic pain to clinicians (e.g., social workers, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, etc.) and treatment/social service agencies. To inquire about current training opportunities, please fill out this form, and Dr. Garland will contact you to learn more about your training needs.