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Dr. Garland Honored with Presidential Scholar Award

July 15, 2015

I have been honored by being selected as a University of Utah Presidential Scholar. According to the press release, “the Presidential Scholar award was created to support the work of exceptionally promising mid-career faculty at the University of Utah.” The purpose of the award is to honor “individuals who are significant contributors to scholarship, education, and outreach at the University of Utah.” The Presidential Scholar awards provide three years of support for scholarly, teaching, and/or outreach activities. I intend to use this award to support my research on Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement as a treatment for addiction, stress, and pain.

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  1. Congratulations Eric! You’re the man.

  2. Teri martucci permalink

    Hey dr. Garland !!
    Hope you remember me from FSU – I was the “non-traditional student” (old lady) from Gainesville. So proud of you and the work you continue to do.
    I am working on an inpatient psych unit in a VA hospital and teach mindfulness!!
    Thanks for your contributions. Hope to get to do your training some day!!
    Teri Martucci

  3. Congratulations, Eric. You deserve it! Very exciting!!! I’m sure you’ll make good use of that support.

  4. Hearty congratulations!! All the very best and wishing you success to find a cure especially in the addiction area. Thank you for your and dedication to help so many, who can at least hope to have a better way to deal with addiction , instead of more addictive meds!! Thank you.

  5. Tami Riaz permalink

    No one deserves this like you, Dr. Garland.. you will always be one of my favorites ! I enjoy working with you ! Thanks for all you do and are 🙂
    – Tami Riaz

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