At present, I am accepting Doctoral, Master’s, and Bachelor’s students to assist me in my research as mentees. Students work in my lab as research assistants (volunteer or paid positions), and/or in Doctoral, Master’s, and Bachelor’s-level directed independent studies on a range of topics. In addition to getting an “insider view” of the research process, students can acquire course credit, volunteer hours, or experience for their resumes.

I am always happy to supervise committed, passionate, and self-directed students in my lab, where they can become involved as research assistants while they pursue knowledge and training in subjects of mutual interest. Such independent studies often function as apprenticeships, in which the student learns skills (e.g., biopsychosocial and psychiatric assessment, data collection and analysis, psychophysiology, scientific manuscript preparation, theory construction) under my supervision, and then puts those skills into practice by providing assistance to ongoing research projects.

If you are interested in joining my lab, please email me or contact me through the form below.

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