Mindfulness training has been demonstrated through research to help people find well-being by overcoming negative emotions and unhelpful thought patterns. I myself have conducted a number of clinical trials of mindfulness-based therapies and have published more than 40 scientific journal articles on mindfulness. This growing body of research conducted by myself and my colleagues at the Mind and Life Institute indicates that mindfulness training can result in profound and lasting changes to psychological, autonomic (e.g., the “fight or flight” stress response), and brain function – indeed, new studies are emerging showing that mindfulness training can improve the way our hearts respond to stress, alter the structure of our brains, and even modify the expression of our genes! Beyond its many positive effects on physical health, this form of mental training is especially good at helping people overcome self-critical, self-defeating, and pessimistic thoughts and fears. Mindfulness helps you to learn to focus your mind on the present moment in an open, accepting, nonjudgmental, and nonreactive manner. By training yourself to pay attention to your breathing and body sensations, you can learn to “step back” from negative thoughts and feelings, reducing stress and managing emotional and physical pain. In so doing, you can learn to “get out of your head” so that you can enjoy your life more fully in the present. Ultimately, mindfulness training can help you to let go of distressing thoughts, emotions, and sensations, allowing you to accept, appreciate, and enjoy your life more fully.

Fees and Information

  • Initial session and assessment – $175 per 50-minute session
  • Individual therapy or hypnosis – $175 per 50-minute session
  • Couples or family therapy – $200 per 50-minute session

A substantial percentage of the cost of these services may be covered by your health insurance if you have out-of-network benefits

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Eric Garland, Ph.D., LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist in Utah, an Approved Consultant from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a professional member of the National Association of Social Workers, and a Distinguished Fellow of the National Academies of Practice. He completed a fellowship in integrative medicine funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, where he conducted clinical research on mindfulness-oriented treatments for addiction, irritable bowel syndrome, and other stress- and pain-related conditions. In addition to providing counseling, Dr. Garland is a Professor in the University of Utah College of Social Work and Director of the Center on Mindfulness and Integrative Health Intervention Development, where he teaches cognitive-behavioral therapy and conducts clinical research on mindfulness-based interventions.